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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Final post--International Public Relations

It's amazing how big a difference class size can make on the teaching experience.

In December I had 15 students. I enjoyed everything about this, especially getting to know each of them as individuals.

With an official class roster of 122 students—on average 30 attended each class—this time was very different. While I had about 12 students who would regularly engage me before, during and after class—which I enjoyed very much—I couldn't tell you their names or what their personalities are like. I missed this aspect of teaching this second time.

Thank goodness for Jessie, my TA. Pictured together at our last class, Jessie and I worked together and played together.

Getting to know Jessie during these three very short weeks made this class for me on both a professional and personal level. She added tremendous value to the class with her development and delivery of a crisis communications case study on KFC, taken from a paper she had written. She also increased the winning groups' blog contribution by revising, rewriting and finding photos to supplement the culture blog postings. And, she graded all the T/F, multiple guess questions on both exams while I did the essays.

But, more importantly, Jessie and I became friends. She took me on special "foodie" adventures where I could discover taste treats I would never had found on my own. She gave me new insights through our discussions on culture—Chinese and American differences and similarities—and how we can all better communicate together. She gave me several new ideas for potential research during my doctorate program. More than anything else, Jessie was and is my friend.

It was so painfully difficult to see her descend the stairs in my faculty housing apartment and disappear out of sight on my last full day in Wuhan. But, through the magic of email and the belief that I will return to China I know that Jessie and Tyler will remain friends no matter where in the world we are.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Openess--- Group Creators Question

Public Relation persons should avoid talking about bad things of their company, however, no company will always run smoothly, and they should be openess to all their stakeholders and customers.
How should PR persons deal with some bad news about their company?

privacy VS public----Group Apollo Question

As we all know that America is a country which pays much attention on privacy. Does it have any conflicts when public go against privacy?
How a PR person slove this problem.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ba xian Guo Hai-- Group Noah's Ark

Ba Xian Guo Hai, Ge Xian Shen Tong

Eight immortals cross the sea; each shows a saintly passage.

It comes from Chinese folktale.Once the Eight Immortals had to cross the raging East Sea on their way to an assembly .Finding no ferryboat, upon the proposal of Lu Dongbin ,each of them used his or her own skills and power to do it :Zhongli of Han used his palm-leaf fan, Li Tieguai used his calabash containing elixir of life,Lu Dongbin used his sword ,Zhang Guolao used his paper donkey on which he sit backward, Lan Caihe used his flowr basket, Han Xiangzi used his jade flute, Royal Uncle Cao used his jade tablet,and Immortal Woman He used her lotus flower. All of them successfully reached the other side of the sea."The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Each Showing His or Her Magic Powr "has been a household story in China.

The meaning is that Different individuals can achieve the same goal through different ways. It is also quoted to indecate that when facing hardship, each person performs his or her own capabilities to solve it.

Ye Gong Hao Long -----Group Kugoo

Ye Gong Hao Long
Lord Ye's Love of Dragons (or A Dragon Admirer )

A county magistrate in Chu Kingdom was called Ye Gong who was a great lover of dragons.In his house there were plenty of images of dragons.The dragons were painted or carved on walls,pillars,furniture,window lattices and ceilings.In addition,all the clothes,quilts,bed nets were trimmed with dragon esigns. When the Dragon in the Heaven heard of this,he was greatly moved,deciding to visit Ye Gong.The Dragon glided down to Ye Gong’s house,poked his head into the window first,leaving his long tail out in the yard.To his great surprise,Ye Gong was so frighteded by the real Dragon that he began to flee,ashen and petrified. Oh,what Ye Gong liked was not the real dragon,but something resembling a dragon.

Meaning: One always acts as liking something but actually not.

Shou Zhu Dai Tu ----Group Super 4+1

Shou Zhu Dai Tu
Staying by a Stump Waiting for More Hares To Come and Dash Themselves Against It

This story took place more than 2,000 years ago,in the Warring States period(475-221 B.C.). Tradition has it that in the State of Song at that time there was a man whoes family had been farmers for generations. Year by year , farmers used to sow in spring and harvest in autumn,beginning to work at sunrise and retiring at sunset. In good harvest years, they could only have adequate food to eat. If there was a famine due to crop failure, they had to go hungry.

This young farmer wanted to improve his life. But he was too lazy and too cowardly. Being lazy and cowardly over everything, he often dreamed of having unexpected blessings.

A miracle took place at last. One day in late autumn, when he was ploughing in the field, two groups of people were hunting nearby. As shoutings were rising one after another, scared hares were running desperately. Suddenly, a blind hare dashed itself headlong against the stump of a dead tree in his field and died.
That day,he ate his fill.

From that day on, he no longer went in for farming again. From morning till night, he stayed by that miraculous stump, waiting for miracles to take place again.

People often use the set phrase"staying by a stump waiting for more hares to come and dash themselves against it"to show grusting to chance and windfalls or dreaming to reap without sowing. It is also used to show adhering to narrow experiences and not being able to be flexible.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

9.11----Mirinda Group Question

According to world healthy organization’s last report on Sep. 26, 2003, 774 died in 8098 SARS cases, the ratio is 9.6%. SARS started from Foshan Province, it spreaded to other 29 countries and area, and came into being international crazy.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said: "As you can see, the Chinese government, the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization are satisfied with how the SARS control system is working. So foreign expatriates living in China, travelers and Chinese citizens will not be exposed to danger. We should be vigilant, but there is no need to panic. All the prevention measures are quite effective." Drawing on lessons from the fight against SARS, China have been establishing a more effective emergency response system . These were some examples Chinese government have had done in Public Relations.
America had also experienced the 9.11. So What changes did it bring to American's PR? And how they worked ?

Public Opinion ----- Creators Group Question

What is the most efficient method to evaluate public opinion? And how to test the credibility of the results?

Honesty & Ethics -- Group Apollo question

As a PR person, the main responsibility is to solve the problems of the organization he represents. But, from the other angle, he also has to be honest which will sometimes cause damage to the organization he represents. So how could a successful PR person solve this dilemma?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Public Relations blogging class begins!

Many thanks again to my PR blogging team in America as we begin our 'conversation' between my current Chinese students and my six former American students.

Last nite my class of 122--broken down into 25 different groups who have named their groups--worked in class to come up with their first questions for consideration to be posted on this blog.

This morning Jessie, my TA, and I will review the questions and pick 2-3 of the best ones. Jessie will post these with the Title of each post using a few words of the question and then the team's name. The questions selected for posting by Jessie, on behalf of the class, are worth 10 bonus points to the teams whose questions are selected. We will do this activity twice each week for the three weeks of our class, ending March 23.

American bloggers, please use the Comment option to each post so we can keep the questions as the primary and your answers within the post.

Let the cross-cultural public relations blogging begin!

Tyler & Jessie

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Greetings from West Linn

My name is Neil, and I am a Police Sergeant, for the last 20 years I have done police work ranging from patrol to detectives. One of my current responsibilities is that of Public Information Officer, which is basically the PR person for the department. I supervise all of our community outreach programs, crime prevention activities, traffic enforcement team and bicycle patrols. Never a dull moment.

I met Tyler when she taught my Public Relations class at the University of Phoenix here in the Portland, Oregon area. It was the first time I had any formal training in PR, and I found her class very beneficial.

I grew up in New York City, and moved to Eugene, Oregon when I was 18. That was quite a change, but it was the best move of my life. I have visited Ireland (where my family is from), England, Holland, and Germany. I have only lived in Oregon and New York, but I travel domestically quite often.

I look forward to corresponding with you, best of luck!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Bridget's Introduction!

Hello everyone! My name is Bridget. I first met Tyler while taking her internship class at the University of Portland, then later took her PR class. As a student at the University of Portland I completed two PR internships: with the Humane Society for Southwest Washington, an animal shelter, and with the Portland Rose Festival, a month-long civic celebration featuring parades, an art show, a carnival and more. After graduating in December I returned to the Rose Festival where I am currently working as an Events Assistant. To see a little more about what I do (and what Chelsey did) at the Rose Festival visit

I grew up in Bozeman (a small college town) and Wise River (a tiny ranch town) in beautiful Montana. I was lucky to study abroad in London, England twice during college. Other countries I've visited are the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Wales and Canada.

Enjoy your time learning with Tyler and have fun! I'm looking forward to answering your questions!

Jessica's Introduction


My name is Jessica Morrison and I live in Portland, Oregon. I was a student of Tyler's at Marylhurst University, where I am pursuing an MBA. I currently work at David Evans and Associates as the energy business line marketing manager, but prior to DEA I was involved in PR roles. DEA is a 900-person engineering design firm, and our energy clients include wind project developers, utilities, and other traditional energy companies.

My PR experience includes coordinating media relations for PacifiCorp (a local utility) before moving to Waggener Edstrom where I handled PR for Microsoft's MSN, and eventually Young & Roehr Group, where I worked with science and technology clients including FEI (nanotechnology), and Sharp Microelectronics (semiconductors). I also led a year-long PR campaign for a local music nonprofit as part of my involvement as the VP of community service for the Portland chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

I love to travel, and have been fortunate to live in Granada, Spain during college, and Santiago and Iquique Chile, where I taught ESL from 2002 - 2003. I have also visited Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, England, Scotland, and most recently Mexico. I hope to travel to Asia in the near future!

I look forward to meeting you all!